Epoché; the heart of liturgy

From the ikon event ‘Epoché. By Stephen Caswell. Midway through this liturgy, attendees were instructed to capture the moment by corking little glass bottles which they could retain as gifts. 

Epoché; the heart of liturgy;
an hour of peace, lived together as if the world had dissolved;
our beliefs, judgements, payoffs, economies, competition, all suspended.

We know that this epoché moment will not, this time, last forever

The suspension of our beliefs draws to an end as we face life’s decisions
but we decide to be / mindful of how we live them out

We remember that although our beliefs are precious,
our neighbours are priceless.

We hold our ideas lightly, and our views of the world humbly;
it took time & experience to mould them;
time & experience may yet remould them.

We are not our beliefs; we are people.
We are not our beliefs; we share our humanity.

Before this hour ends, we save a moment of epoché
[ritual: cork your bottles now!]

The world which was lost for one sacred hour is now regained.
Our faith is both more and less than our beliefs
and as we leave, we keep a memorial to epoché close to remind us of this moment.


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