The Rabbis Debate

By Pete Rollins. Performed by our puppet, ‘The Management’. From ‘The God Delusion’ Greenbelt 2007.

There is an ancient Jewish parable which speaks of a heated debate taking place in a park between to old and learned Rabbi’s. The conversation in question revolves around a particularly complex and obscure verse in the Torah. It is not the first time that these two intellectual giants have crossed swords over this verse, in fact they have debated it for years, sometimes changing their opinions but never finding a consensus. God is, of course, known to have the patience of a saint, but even God begins to tire of the endless discussion. So finally God decides to visit the two men and tell them once and for all what the parable means. God reaches down, pulls the clouds apart and begins to speak, ‘you have been debating this verse endlessly for years, I will now tell you what it means…’, but before God can continue the two Rabbi’s look up and say, in a rare moment of unity, ‘who are you to tell us what the verse means? You have given us the words now leave us in peace to wrestled with it.


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