Help ikon @ Greenbelt 2011

Here are some pictures of previous events we’ve had at Greenbelt. We are delighted to be attending Greenbelt this year where we’ll be staging an event in the big top. Exciting!! We’re right in the middle of preparing for the event at the minute and this year we really need your help. The more help we get from you, the better the event will be. There are three simple ways that you can help us with our event this year. Anyone can help with the first and last, even if you’re not going to be there.

1. If you have a Twitter account please send a tweet before 20th August telling your story of god. Please do not include any links in the tweet and please add the hashtag: #ikonstory If you want an example of what that might look like you can look at our twitter page, but there no rules other than these.

2. Please bring a novel to our event at Greenbelt. We would love everyone to bring a novel that they don’t mind parting with. During the event we will be using all the novels we have collected and we’ll do something with them afterwards. It will probably not be possible for you to get back the novel you bring, so only bring one that you’re happy to leave behind.

3. Please spread the word! Please use Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, email or the radical medium of telephone or even letters to spread this message. The more people who participate, the more successful our event this year will be 🙂

Thanks so much. We can’t wait to see you at the end of the month!


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