Your tweeted stories of god

In the run-up to Greenbelt, we asked our twitter followers to write their ‘story of god’ in one tweet (140 characters). We showed them all on screen at the start of our event, and gave out printed versions as gifts as people left. Several people have asked that we reproduce them, so here they are! Thanks to everyone who contributed. They were a beautiful gift to ikon as well as to all those who attended our event. (Sorry if we’ve missed any!) If you want to write your own, please do (and tag us with @ikonbelfast)


That breathtaking glimpse of beauty when you don’t have your camera – the hawk, the thunderstorm, the leaping orca – that’s God. #ikonstory


B4 time, Gd creatd all & clld it gd. When sin & sffring enterd the wrld, Gd sided w/ the poor, sick & despised, brngng life 4all #ikonstory


Flesh seems a strange choice of garment for God yet flesh taken and torn then raised and taken again, blessed, broken and given. #ikonstory


I can’t show you God. I can only point out God’s handiwork after the fact, on those rare occasions when I can discern it myself. #ikonstory


in an upside down world God taught me how to stand on my hands. #ikonstory


I used to hold on tight to belief, but I dropped it when I realised my hands were too full to help #ikonstory


how did you find me here?? #ikonstory


my story of you is one of you unsettling my story of you #ikonstory


“the God in whom the 19th and 20th centuries came to disbelieve was only invented in the seventeenth century” Alasdair Macintyre #ikonstory


The inspired act of kindness that transforms hostile strangers into human beings in conversation – that’s God. #smallcupcake #ikonstory


#ikonstory life from death


#ikonstory I don’t believe in G-d, but I believe that this was his decision and that he can reverse it at any time.


No matter how hard, I hide, Still I’m found, Wanting. #ikonstory


Me with God, then me without God, then all of us as divine #ikonstory


knowing god used to be about what i knew and how i made that known. these days it’s more about learning how to love and be loved #ikonstory


gave my all, left with nothing. now i embrace the void… and it embraces me. #ikonstory


In forsaking heaven to embrace earth we found that the kingdom had been here all along #ikonstory


“i am”, despite me, he’s been forming me into me, so the me i am is the me the world needs & the me i will be is the me he sees. #ikonstory


In 1991,in a circus tent,I opened a door to let the knocking Jesus in.I said ‘You’ll make me uncool.’ ‘Alright then, come in’.#ikonstory


My faith took me to uni to study theology. I got sick. So I came home. And that’s when I really had to become a theologian. #ikonstory


Unreal, yet strangely alive. Absent, but delightfully so. Disturbingly compassionate and annoyingly grace-filled #ikonstory


Evangelical zeal~ wilderness wonderings~ knowing I’m probably wrong~ but I’m still here, and so it seems, is god. #ikonstory


‘There’s a science fiction in the space between you and me/A fabrication of a grand scheme where I am the scary monster’ #ikonstory


My story of God — ^^::^^ —————————¿———-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~___________ ¡ -___= #ikonstory


I said: “maybe” then “yes” then “maybe” then “no” Thank god I said “no”. Relieved. #ikonstory


Just came on to twitter to check out #ikonstory. Decided I don’t have one. I hope this doesn’t count.


I first looked for god on Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday nights. Finally I’m learning to look in people. #ikonstory


Thought I was too cool for “that Christian rock shite”. Apparently not. #ikonstory


I thought god was dead but she would not lie down #ikonstory


doubt; divine, but human; discipline, but love; challenge, but grace; outside time & space, but right here right now #ikonstory


#ikonstory saved from being, doing, attending! Now I just love following; listening, talking, learning & living!


after a long battle with legalism and certainty, grace found me #ikonstory


Love is impossible. Hope is impossible. Miracle! Miracle! #ikonstory #lyrics


I’m not sure if I would’ve made it to 21 if I hadn’t believed in you… but I am sure I would’ve had loads more sex and drugs #ikonstory


The best thing is that truth and love can coexist. Never let the facts get in the way of a God story. #ikonstory


he was lord -a bit scary- then he disappeared but returned as dad -accepted- if he didn’t move it must have been me #ikonstory


I dedicated my life to god until he told me the best dedication was to leave him and be with others. And there he was. #ikonstory


saved from being “saved”. Grew up southern baptist and then grew up. #ikonstory


is it you again? #ikonstory


grew up in a belief system. encountered God. thought he was destroying it. later learned he was transforming it to beautiful #ikonstory


17in the Garden:Lost everything4God 27at the Cross:Lost everything including God 37at the tomb:Find God in another #ikonstory


i try everyday to tell the story of your love for me – my broken heart is slowly mending and I hope for peace #ikonstory


“We are trees in a story about a forest. But the story of the forest is better than the story of the tree.” #ikonstory


As a teen, I had to cleanse my sin. 2 Baptisms, 35 yrs later, Mens Retreat 07: Step into who you are my son, I’ve been waiting. #ikonstory


At 8, laying among daffodils staring at sky I answered Yes. Not much I’ve thought in 30yrs since has made for better theology. #ikonstory


Was shown God who suffered who offers us resurrection, hope of brighter day even in the darkest and want to help his kingdom come #ikonstory


#ikonstory in the midst of absence of experience, experienced the absence. From neo-atheist to believer, because the absence had to be God


ever present image. image destroyed. {re}drawn in paradox & mystery. left a haunted spectre drawing me towards I know not what. #ikonstory


I met Him in a closet, hiding from demons & boogiemen. He whispered “you will be ok. I love you.” I said “you sound like a girl.” #ikonstory


always bigger than i think #ikonstory


I’m sure I saw Jesus standing outside church last week with a sign picketing….he uses such foul language! #ikonstory


I asked god to take his things and leave, but from time to time I hear rustling from the
under the stairs. Hope it’s him #ikonstory


Sold it as a child, bought it with my pocket money. Worked fine til I needed it. Then I realised, God bleeds with us #ikonstory


God was born in me & grew inside.I loved him til I realised we were feeding off each other.Took meds,killed him.Both finally free #ikonstory


Book in hand, seed planted – lead, asked, burned, wondered, left, stumbled, tumbled – landed a dazed and confused heap in the fog.#ikonstory


immense fear/immense peace, immense fear/immense peace, ultimate safety, divine hope #ikonstory


Examining, questioning, fighting, disavowing and disowning, emptying of self has brought me understanding. #ikonstory


Pushed to uncertainty, the way has been cleared; the answer/the question: What do I love when I love my God? #ikonstory


Bible-beaten til 17 then Wiccan til now,looking for my God I know hes there but of love not hate.I have to find him #ikonstory


I asked, I answered, God didn’t contradict me. I forgot how to listen and now bitterness obscures my location. #ikonstory


Somehow I knew we were lost, and we would always be off by several degrees. “Goodbye, Belief, but Love will show me the way now” #ikonstory


ignored / denied / accepted // imminent (but running late) / absent (and missed) // god is nowhere but here / right here #ikonstory


Malcontented misdirected mislaid and mistaken, what is lost may be found, what is unknowable may not matter, i’m alive, live #ikonstory


Born again at 13,Charismatic at 15, backslider at 17,,house grp ldr, emergent chrch ldr in 30’s Agnostic at god is dead? #ikonstory


making me into the best me that i can be #ikonstory


I used to think the cross bought us life, but now I think the incarnation is the melody & we, you, I sing life.#ikonstory


“I’m holding you back” says he.“But I won’t leave you behind!” says me. He insisted and I left God for dead at the side of the road #ikonstory


I found beautiful architect plans that seemed to fit the world. But I had to make some changes when it drew a line between u & me #ikonstory


I found the church and lost myself. I found myself and lost the church. Now I’m finding God, in whom everything is lost and found.#ikonstory


Your people taught me that that pride was a sin, but then, when I learnt to listen, I learnt that pride is a way of survival. #ikonstory



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  1. if i get chance is ’cause g_d providence but if i’m misfortune is ’cause my fault? or vice-versa? or neither one nor the other? or all the opposite of both of them?

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