Welcome to all your other voices – a blessing

From an untitled event held in Belfast on 4th November, 2012. By Padraig O Tuama.


In the incarnation God was brought down to earth. And God became another kind of thing entirely. He became another. And actually, only with the invention of language did God become anything to us – god became a “he” or a “she” or a character.

And this God who is Another is always on the margins of some kind of new discovery, discovering God where God had not thought to be before. The incarnation is never ending really. Because there is always a new place to be, always a new skin to wear, always new bones to inhabit, always sweat and blood and mucus to be shed and dripped.

God is Another. And we are Another. It is probably easier to befriend the other than it is to befriend the Other you.

We will give you a little mirror. It is not to be eaten. It is small because you will only ever be able to see a bit of yourself. We are only ever a little bit of ourselves at any one time.

Hell is other people?
Hell is the other you?
Welcome to Hell.
Welcome to your limited language.
Welcome to all your other voices.
Welcome to the other.


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