Thoughts on ‘The End’

We appreciated this review of our Greenbelt event ‘The End’ – published online at Church Times.

‘There is a well-known spiritual exercise where you imagine your own death. Only Ikon would do this all dressed as Elvis in his Las Vegas days. And only Ikon would find, too late, that the requisite dark glasses meant they couldn’t always see their scripts and computer keyboards in the dim lighting. . .

When, at the entrance to Ikon’s “The End” on Sunday afternoon, participants were given a balloon and string with the instruction “This is your life. Tie it to yourself and blow yourself up,” it was ob­­vious how the service would end.

Before the balloon popping, the congregation wrote what they hoped their lives’ legacies would be, only to have them ridiculed, and stuffed into a child’s potty (another Elvis reference).

The underlying message was an invitation to give up the comfort of a God who will make things right, and to embrace a community of decay. Like the invitation to leave the venue blindfolded, with which the service ended, that was probably still a step too far for most par­ticipants.’

(If you know of other reviews, comments, or sources of pictures, please let us know and we’ll link from here).


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September 22, 2013 · 3:20 pm

One response to “Thoughts on ‘The End’

  1. Only just saw this – it was my review, glad you liked it, and thank you for ‘The End’, and indeed everything else over the years. Ikon is always a highlight of my Greenbelt, but this was one of the best; ranks with the one, possibly your first, where we deconstructed the creed on screen. I kept the piece of thread from the Tall Lady’s skirt for ages, and still have the piece of mirror from 2012 (where I was one of the people who got rung back to help hand them out…).

    I reviewed 2012 as well, and I think I said of the constantly buffering videos that with Ikon you never quite know whether the technology really has broken down or whether that’s all part of the meaningful experience… It’s long enough ago now, you can tell us – which was it?

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