Give the end a beginning

From Ikon’s event ‘The End’ at Greenbelt Festival 2013. By Stephen Caswell.

While you have not yet ended, you find yourself at The End.

Let the end begin; give it a birth in your mind. Someday, somehow, somewhere, The End will greet you.

Give the end a beginning. Let your mind know what your heart knows already; that its beats are limited, that your thoughts will dry up, that you are dust and soil and mud awakened.

The End will greet you and you will be nothing. No thing at all. All these dusty things gathered here tonight will be greeted.

Are we to be afraid? You might take comfort in the stories you’ve heard. You might take comfort in the stories you leave behind. How will they speak of you when you’re gone? Will they speak of you at all? How will you live when you no longer live?

Are we to be thankful? Thank god there is an end. With an end, every moment inherits infinite worth; with no end, every moment is paupered.

Now awakened, would you deny yourself the chance to face it; stare at its looming; attend to the emptiness of The End? What soil can consider such things?!


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